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From Alex Yakovlev <>
Subject mod_jk2: Error flushing
Date Sun, 22 Aug 2004 23:00:10 GMT

I keep getting the following messages in error_log several times per hour:

mod_jk: Error flushing
[Sun Aug 22 20:09:21 2004] [error] ajp13.service() ajpGetReply recoverable error 3
[Sun Aug 22 20:09:23 2004] [error] ajp13.service() ajpGetReply recoverable error 3
[Sun Aug 22 20:09:23 2004] [error] ajp13.service() Error  forwarding ajp13:/opt/tomcat/work/jk2.socket
1 0
[Sun Aug 22 20:09:23 2004] [error] mod_jk2.handler() Error connecting to tomcat 3, status

on Apache/2.0.49 + mod_jk2/2.0.5-dev + Tomcat/5.0.27 under Linux.

I've found the following lines in JK sources:

native/apache-2.0/mod_jk.c-            /*
native/apache-2.0/mod_jk.c:             * To allow server push. After writing full buffers
native/apache-2.0/mod_jk.c-             */
native/apache-2.0/mod_jk.c-#ifndef AS400
native/apache-2.0/mod_jk.c-            if(ap_rflush(p->r) != APR_SUCCESS) {
native/apache-2.0/mod_jk.c-                ap_log_error(APLOG_MARK, APLOG_STARTUP | APLOG_NOERRNO,
native/apache-2.0/mod_jk.c-                             NULL, "mod_jk: Error flushing \n"
native/apache-2.0/mod_jk.c-                return JK_FALSE;
native/apache-2.0/mod_jk.c-            }
native2/server/apache13/jk_service_apache13.c-        /*
native2/server/apache13/jk_service_apache13.c:         * To allow server push. After writing
full buffers
native2/server/apache13/jk_service_apache13.c-         */
native2/server/apache13/jk_service_apache13.c-        ap_bflush(bf);
native2/server/apache13/jk_service_apache13.c-    }
native2/server/apache13/jk_service_apache13.c-    return JK_OK;
native2/server/apache2/jk_service_apache2.c-    /*
native2/server/apache2/jk_service_apache2.c:     * To allow server push. After writing full
native2/server/apache2/jk_service_apache2.c-     */
native2/server/apache2/jk_service_apache2.c-    if (ap_rflush(rr) != APR_SUCCESS) {
native2/server/apache2/jk_service_apache2.c-        ap_log_error(APLOG_MARK, APLOG_STARTUP
native2/server/apache2/jk_service_apache2.c-                     NULL, "mod_jk: Error flushing");
native2/server/apache2/jk_service_apache2.c-        return JK_ERR;
native2/server/apache2/jk_service_apache2.c-    }
native2/server/apache2/jk_service_apache2.c-    return JK_OK;

and I've got several questions:
1) What does this error message means?
2) Why is it commented out for AS400? (by IBM?)
3) Why it does not generate an error for Apache 1.3?
4) What will happen if I just comment these lines as for AS400?
5) What would happed if ap_rflush errors will be ignored?
6) What is meant under "To allow server push. After writing full buffers"?

This issue seems to be found already
but I've found no patch or workaround for it.

There seems to be no probles except this logging,
but out clients sometimes says they get empty response
from server, can it be caused by this error?

thanks in advance,

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