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From "Michael Watson" <>
Subject Session Management Question
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2004 11:11:20 GMT
Hi All,

This may have been answered elsewhere in the past but I'm struggling to find
it if it has - though please point me in the direction of past answers if
that's the case.

I'm trying to understand how a single instance of Tomcat manages sessions.
Is there any pooling/recycling of sesssion objects or are they
created/destroyed as required?
If they are pooled, is the size of this pool configurable?

Also where can I find some good documentation on managing sessions across a
cluster or load balanced instances?

Does anyone know of a practical limit for the number of concurrent
connections Tomcat can cope with on a reasonably out of the box Redhat
installation (obviously file descriptor limits aside)?

I realise this is more of a user question, but I figure members of this list
are more likely to be able to provide me with the level of detail I'm
looking for.

Any info you can supply would be much appreciated (I also need to find this
out with some urgency)

Thanks in advance


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