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From "Mike Anderson" <>
Subject Re: jk 1.2.6 release - need more binaries
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 20:42:23 GMT
Sorry I took so long, but the NetWare binaries are signed and posted
based on the zip files generated by Guenter.  I just built against the
latest tag (JK_1_2_6_rel) and tested the generated NLMS before plugging
them into Guenter zip file layouts.  I did update the netscape zip to
put the unzipped files in the correct place.

Mike Anderson

>>> 7/26/2004 4:56:19 AM >>>
Hi to all,

For jk 1.2.6 the following binaries are allready available :

Windows (ISAPI/JK for AP 1.3.31/JK for AP2 2.0.50)

Linux (JK for Fedora Core 2 Apache 2.0.50, for Suse 8.0 Apache 2.0.50 
PPC, for Suse 9.1 Apache 2.0)

Solaris (JK for Apache 1.3.31 EAPI/STANDARD)

iSeries (AS/400 V5R2 and UP)

We need macosx and netware, solaris / Apache 2.x

Thanks to commiters to upload them to Apache dist directory
and don't forget to sign the binaries with you PGP/GPG key.


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