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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Invitation to HTTPD commiters in tomcat-dev
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 15:45:17 GMT
I agree here, it is an excelent idea.

If we want to keep it to a minimum - no multi-protocol, no jmx, no 
multiple servers - then making enhancements to mod_proxy and using http 
is much better than a mod_ajp.

Tomcat httpd is fast enough, and all mod_proxy enhancements for load 
balancing could be used for more than tomcat.


Remy Maucherat wrote:

> I think using mod_proxy is acceptable for our most important needs, as 
> the Tomcat HTTP/1.1 connnector has acceptable performance.
> We would need:
> - JSESSIONID stickiness
> - persistent connections support
> - (and of course) load balancing (with a static worker list) with failover
> - bonus points for auto retry (if the request allows it) to another node 
> when recieving a 503 status
> SSL client-cert support (which I have no idea how to implement with 
> mod_proxy, or maybe I missed something) and more generally, support for 
> doing auth on the native webserver doesn't seem to be there, which is a 
> problem.
> For ease of use, we need this "Tomcat" policy (actually, it's not Tomcat 
> specific, obviously) to be included in the Apache source distribution, 
> and ready to enable.
> I would like a more custom solution better, but if that's the only 
> acceptable solution for you (and you accept the module into the Apache 
> ;) ), then I'm ok with it.
> In this case, we would need another, more complex connector for the 
> advanced use cases, but we would have addressed the needs of the 
> majority of users.
> Rémy

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