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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Some JK2 ideas v.3
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 14:26:39 GMT
Mladen Turk wrote:

> But we don't wish to write something modular and unlimitedly extendable.
> Just the load-balancing-ajp13+ over tcp/ip connector, for Apache2.
> Having that in mind, we have APR, and 'almost' a finite set of requirements,
> without the need to 'think modular' or 'think cross-webserver'.

I understand this, and it is a good idea. I'm ok to drop "multi server" 
and "multiple protocols" or "extensible" and "jni".

The only point I strongly disagree is droping the "monitoring" and 
"runtime re-configuration". Tomcat is a dynamic server, people are using 
it to deploy and modify webapps all the time - editing httpd.conf and 
restarting the server on each change is not the right solution.

> Also making any additional 'features' to the connector (like 'discovery'
> etc.) would have to be made as such, and enabled during compile time, so
> that the basic functionality remains as is. This means that we don't compile
> everything and then use the config to either enable or disable features, but
> rather make something like 'mpm concept' selectable at compile time. 

Well, I also disagree with this :-), enabling/disabling discovery or 
other features should be done at runtime. I don't like too many 
./configure options.

>>Seriously - if you take away the JMX and support for other 
>>servers - why not just use mod_jserv ?
> No one prevents you of making mod_jmx that will allow entire Apache2 to be
> maintainable trough JMX console, not only our module :). 

Unfortunately - adding monitoring and runtime reconfiguration requires a 
certain design. Some parts of apache can be monitored, but not much ( 
certainly not the modules - unless you hack something and look in their 
private data structures ). Reconfiguration is even harder without having 
it in the design.

As I said, what you describe - basic protocol only and only apache - is 
already available in mod_jserv, it just needs porting to apache2. Why 
would you want to write another module doing the same thing ?

> If you wish to write a good Apache2 module or IIS filter, they have to be
> different projects. Also being usable from admins point of view requires
> that the apache module is configurable trough httpd.conf, and IIS trough
> GUI. None of them uses JMX to configure the webserver thought.

None of the web servers support the dynamic webapp adding or clustering 
and all the feture that tomcat supports. I think monitoring and 
reconfiguration is a must feature for a servlet container, and that also 
means the web server connector should have basic support for it.

> Think that the main problem is that we don't understand the JK2 code any
> more, and that the modularity combined with crosswebserver became an
> obstacle rather then a feature.

No problem, drop both ( and multiple protocol as well ). But don't drop 
features that actually matter.


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