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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Some JK2 ideas
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2004 19:49:44 GMT
Jess Holle wrote:

>> Maybe the best response to this would be to update the docs and say
>> "tomcat IIS 6 is not supported, plese contact microsoft and ask them 
>> to do it". They have plenty of developers and money - they could send 
>> a check to Andy and Henri, or do it themself :-)
> I'm quite certain that they're ecstatic that it is problematic to make 
> these things work together.
> Personally, I despise IIS.
> However, when customers insist on using IIS for all HTTP(S) traffic and 
> your product relies on a servlet engine, what are you supposed to do?

Tell them to contact Microsoft.

Customers are probably paying money to use IIS ( plus the OS, support, 
etc ). Why should Apache tomcat solve their problems with IIS ? I don't 
think any tomcat developer received any free IIS + development tools + 
os licence + support from msft.

We should obviously provide all the APIs and protocols to allow such a 
thing to work, but I don't think we should maintain it ( unless someone 
really has fun doing it ).

> Do quality commercial offering exist that integrate with IIS *well*?  
> JRun is completely untenable.  Most of the big guys have their own web 
> server, app server, etc, etc, to push -- causing still more problems.  
> Moreover, we don't want still more engines to test everything with....

I just think the problem of running IIS with app servers should be 
handled by Microsoft. They get the money from the IIS users, they should 
support IIS and implement what their customers need.

We should just focus on Apache.

>> It's better then having people struggle with mod_jk config and feeling 
>> it's tomcat developer's job to support IIS.
> In a way I agree, Microsoft is happily creating an unworkable environment.
> Unfortunately, either Java as a whole backs out of this arena or it 
> fights for it.  If Tomcat backs out, then it seems unlikely that many 
> using IIS will even bother trying Java servlets and/or JSP pages (as 
> they'll have no free way to do so).

If they try using servlets with IIS - they'll have a bad experience and 
blame us.

So it may be much better to just tell them to open a feature request on 
microsoft support site, or if they want to try servlets - download 
apache for free.


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