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From G√ľnter Knauf <>
Subject Re: Ready for mod_jk 1.2.6 release?
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 14:38:21 GMT
> I have 2 unresolved: snprintf and vsnprintf. With Apache-2.0 we should use
> apr_snprintf and apr_vsnprintf for Apache-1.3 should I add "ersatz"
> routines?
yes; on NetWare we have also with Apache 1.3 another system lib which lacks support of those
so would be cool if we could add jk_snprintf() and jk_vsnprintf(); and perhaps also use these
consequently with all 1.3 compilations, and not only those platforms which dont have these
in the OS...
do you have already code to implement them?


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