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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Mod_ajp initial
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2004 12:23:34 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:

> I think very few people are actually using mod_proxy instead of mod_jk. 
> You've got to back your assertion with some kind of numbers, otherwise 
> it's FUD.

As do you. The assertion was based on comments on this mailing list, but 
we've already established that there is a need for the ajp protocol, 
lets move on.

> I disagree with your statements. Performance is first, as long as 
> useability isn't too bad.

Then we must agree to disagree. In my experience, if something isn't 
usable, it doesn't get used, so any potential performance advantage is 
purely theoretical. Lack of usability is one of the biggest failures in 
many open source projects, and I don't want to see httpd fall into that 

> To give an example, a mod_jk 1.2.x fully 
> rewritten with APR, compiled with Apache, and with better configuration 
> would clearly be useable enough (I think mod_jk 1.2 was actually good 
> enough on many Unix platforms).

It would be different to the established configuration method for 
backend servers, thus causing comments like "why does ajp work 
differently to the rest of the server", and "why is the load balancing 
feature of ajp not available server wide?".

> I'm sure Mladen, Henri and Bill will look thoroughly at mod_proxy, and 
> will try their best to use it, but you really need to relax your 
> position from "-1 for your code if it doesn't use mod_proxy". You need 
> to add "unless we find good reasons why it wouldn't work for us".

httpd exists for the use of end users, not for the private use of just 
the people you listed. If somebody is going to the effort of creating a 
module specifically for httpd v2.0, then I don't see why they wouldn't 
go to the effort of making it fit into the established framework properly.

I think _you_ need to do some research into mod_proxy, how it is 
designed and exactly how it works before making statements about it's 
performance. By testing the mod_proxy_http module, and then making 
statements about mod_proxy (a totally different module) shows that you 
don't know how the proxy framework works.


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