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From Jess Holle <>
Subject Re: Some JK2 ideas
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2004 19:58:27 GMT
Costin Manolache wrote:

> Jess Holle wrote:
>>> Maybe the best response to this would be to update the docs and say
>>> "tomcat IIS 6 is not supported, plese contact microsoft and ask them 
>>> to do it". They have plenty of developers and money - they could 
>>> send a check to Andy and Henri, or do it themself :-)
>> I'm quite certain that they're ecstatic that it is problematic to 
>> make these things work together.
>> Personally, I despise IIS.
>> However, when customers insist on using IIS for all HTTP(S) traffic 
>> and your product relies on a servlet engine, what are you supposed to 
>> do?
> Tell them to contact Microsoft.

Unfortunately some customers have IIS support (with no extra help from 
Microsoft) as a requirement for the whole solution.  They'll not buy or 
buy non-Java before bothering to pave this ground themselves with Microsoft.

> Customers are probably paying money to use IIS ( plus the OS, support, 
> etc ). Why should Apache tomcat solve their problems with IIS ? I 
> don't think any tomcat developer received any free IIS + development 
> tools + os licence + support from msft.
> We should obviously provide all the APIs and protocols to allow such a 
> thing to work, but I don't think we should maintain it ( unless 
> someone really has fun doing it ).

I can understand that.  It is unfortunate for those caught trying to get 
Java into Microsoft shops, but it is certainly an easily understood 

>> Do quality commercial offering exist that integrate with IIS *well*?  
>> JRun is completely untenable.  Most of the big guys have their own 
>> web server, app server, etc, etc, to push -- causing still more 
>> problems.  Moreover, we don't want still more engines to test 
>> everything with....
> I just think the problem of running IIS with app servers should be 
> handled by Microsoft. They get the money from the IIS users, they 
> should support IIS and implement what their customers need.
> We should just focus on Apache.
>>> It's better then having people struggle with mod_jk config and 
>>> feeling it's tomcat developer's job to support IIS.
>> In a way I agree, Microsoft is happily creating an unworkable 
>> environment.
>> Unfortunately, either Java as a whole backs out of this arena or it 
>> fights for it.  If Tomcat backs out, then it seems unlikely that many 
>> using IIS will even bother trying Java servlets and/or JSP pages (as 
>> they'll have no free way to do so).
> If they try using servlets with IIS - they'll have a bad experience 
> and blame us.
> So it may be much better to just tell them to open a feature request 
> on microsoft support site, or if they want to try servlets - download 
> apache for free.

All that makes sense for ASF.  It just leaves me SOL :-)

Perhaps IIS serving as a proxy for Apache would be a more tenable 

Jess Holle

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