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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: Some JK2 ideas
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2004 08:02:38 GMT
jean-frederic clere wrote:
>> My idea is about a new module, only Apache 2.x for now, which will
>> make use of SetEnv, SetEnvIf, BrowserMath and Location
>> directives to redirect some URLs to tomcats via AJP.
> Everything in httpd.conf, probably that is a good idea. Reusing existing 
> directives also.
>> Many users complains about problems between Directive, Location,
>> JkMount and of course the configuration complexity of JK and JK2,
>> and yes jk/jk2 are big when you compare them to modules like
>> mod_rewrite or mod_proxy.
>> What I'd like will be a true Apache module where all settings will
>> be in httpd.conf, a module where there will be only one way to configure
>> or define something (which is not the case for JK2 for instance).
>> After all we're ASF commiter and making a specific Apache 2.x connector
>> seems a reasonable goal.
>> The code in jk/jk2 is now so complex that there is only a small
>> number of people who can be involved in.
>> Ok, now that I exposed my general idea, I'd like to have your opinion
>> about what could be a lighter module.
> Renew mod_webapp!

- the Java side of webapp was very questionable (so no matter what 
happens, this needs to go)
- performance was bad
- APR and Apache 2 weren't ready yet (the market share of Apache 2 has 
only recently started going up significantly)
- Craig and I supported its development for a very long time, which 
means we supported its core ideas


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