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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: mod_jk 1.0.26 release ? - session tracking cookie
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2004 07:05:08 GMT
Sandy McArthur wrote:

> On Jul 14, 2004, at 11:17 AM, Henri Gomez wrote:
>> jk 1.2.6 seems to be in a good shape and a release should be welcome
>> for many users.
>> I'd like to release jk 1.2.6 next week.
>> Any objections ?
> I have one gripe with the way mod_jk chooses the session tracking cookie.
> I'm not a dev but I just tracked down a bug that has been causing us, 
> University of Florida, some pain for a few weeks.
> I'm currently verifying that I'm not full of it before I filed a bug 
> report but the short version is:
> mod_jk seems to pick the first cookie ending in JSESSIONID such as 
> PSJSESSIONID as opposed to what the servlet spec says in section 7.1.1: 
> "The name of the session tracking cookie must be JSESSIONID."
> Take a look at the get_cookie function in jk_lb_worker.c and walk though 
> it with input similar to:

Bill patched the lb_worker to fix that.

Could you take the latest code in CVS and check to see if it solve your
problem ?


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