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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: Some JK2 ideas
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2004 06:59:51 GMT
Andy Armstrong wrote:

> Mladen Turk wrote:
>> In contrary, it makes it simpler, cause you have a common denominator, 
>> and
>> that is
>> 'well documented' config file, usable on any container.
> Well documented is the crux here for me. Or at least readily 
> understandable. I've just had someone nearly abandon Tomcat altogether 
> because they had a problem (with file uploads) that required the latest 
> version of the IIS connector but they couldn't find out how to configure 
> it.
> I find it frustrating that we're an Apache project but we're currently 
> nowhere near Apache in usability terms. Right now running Tomcat with 
> another webserver is a scary proposition.
> All the JK code has to do is forward eligible requests from the host web 
> server to Tomcat. I'm afraid that right now it behaves like a self 
> indulgent vanity project with aspirations above its station. With 
> appropriate apologies for the toes that I'm treading on why tge hell is 
> JK so convoluted?

There is weeks I'm thinking about another approach for Apache to
Tomcats (AJP13) requests relaying.

My idea is about a new module, only Apache 2.x for now, which will
make use of SetEnv, SetEnvIf, BrowserMath and Location
directives to redirect some URLs to tomcats via AJP.

Many users complains about problems between Directive, Location,
JkMount and of course the configuration complexity of JK and JK2,
and yes jk/jk2 are big when you compare them to modules like
mod_rewrite or mod_proxy.

What I'd like will be a true Apache module where all settings will
be in httpd.conf, a module where there will be only one way to configure
or define something (which is not the case for JK2 for instance).

After all we're ASF commiter and making a specific Apache 2.x connector
seems a reasonable goal.

The code in jk/jk2 is now so complex that there is only a small
number of people who can be involved in.

Ok, now that I exposed my general idea, I'd like to have your opinion
about what could be a lighter module.


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