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From Jess Holle <>
Subject Re: Some JK2 ideas
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 18:07:33 GMT
Mladen Turk wrote:

>>From: Jess Holle
>>I can see eliminating all web-server-specific configuration 
>>options in the long-term -- though keeping the existing 
>>options around for a while as deprecated alternatives would 
>>be nice, i.e. to give everyone a conversion grace period.
>Well, you have a JK or that.
Point taken.

>>I cannot, however, see pushing everything into a single XML 
>>file.  This is insufficiently modular for a web server that 
>>may have dozens of web apps with their own specific settings. 
>> Rather what I'd suggest is something like:
>Did you try to set up the JK2 on some other server then Apache?
No, though on this basis I can understand and concur with your general 
idea.  I just firmly believe forcing an entire server's jk2 
configuration including all web-apps' configurations into a single XML 
file lacks sufficient modularity.

>Did you try to use your server.xml from TC on other platforms?
Huh?  server.xml is Tomcat-specific -- as are the <Context> elements.  
That's like saying "did you ever try to use mod_jk2 config files with JRun".

Now if what you mean is have I tried it with Tomcat on various OS and 
web server platforms, then the answer is, yes.

Until Tomcat allowed <Context> elements to be placed outside its 
server.xml into separate, per-web-app files, configuring (non-WAR) web 
apps led to ugly to a merging and general maintenance issue with 
server.xml.  Once per-web-app XML config files were allowed things 
became 1000 times more manageable from a tooling and maintenance 

[Now if your question is shouldn't everything be done via WAR files, 
then you're one of the lucky few for whom unexpanded WAR files actually 
fulfill your requirements.]

>Having things Apache specific AFAICT was the major reason why so many
>project has failed.
Nothing about modular XML files should be Apache specific.  I'm just 
suggesting we learn from Tomcat's experiences and not require every 
web-app's configuration be merged into a single XML file.  It was not 
workable there and it won't be here.

Jess Holle

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