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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Time for JkMountExclude in jk 1.2.x ?
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 12:46:49 GMT
As I started the discussion thread on releasing mod_jk 1.2.6 a few days 
ago, I would also prefer to have the stable code released and not adding 
new features. Releasing 1.2.6 as-is would already be benefitial to many 

Henri: thank you very much for preparing the release.

For post-1.2.6 releases: JkMount only gives the ability to seperate 
between Apache and Tomcat on the basis of: default handled by Apache and 
special things handled by Tomcat.

Now often the situation is reversed: complete contexts (detected by 
URL-prefixes) should be handled by default by the web container, and 
only special static objects (subdirectorie or, file name suffixes) by 
apache. So JkMountExclude would make a lot of sense.

Henri Gomez wrote:

> David Rees wrote:
>> I would suggest leaving it for the next release of mod_jk, unless it 
>> is simple and there is little chance of it adding any regressions.
>> -Dave
> I'm puzzled with JkMount when I have to exclude some URL.
> I won't do anything before release, if everybody agreed on a
> quick 1.2.6 release.
> But works should be conducted to add exclusions, may be also via
> Notes

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