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From Mike <>
Subject Re: Watchdog status
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 15:50:14 GMT
Dear Yoav,

Friday, June 4, 2004, 4:34:59 PM, you wrote:

SY> Hi,
SY> We've been running the Watchdog
SY> (
SY> tests as part of our release process for years now.  However, the
SY> Watchdog project appears dead: one can't join or search mailing lists,
SY> bug reports go unanswered, etc.  I posted a question to jakarta-general
SY> asking for responses from any active watchdog developers or users, and
SY> no one responded as such.

SY> I'm raising this issue for a couple of reasons:
SY> - Using recent versions of Ant (1.6 or later) to build tomcat requires
SY> manual intervention to run the watchdog tests, in that the person
SY> building must copy ant-launcher.jar to the watchdog lib directory.  This
SY> can be fixed easily by fixing watchdog's build.xml (I opened a Bugzilla
SY> item for watchdog for this), or by hacking our build.xml in an ugly
SY> fashion to tweak the Watchdog setup.

SY> - Some Watchdog tests fail, and have for a while.  I don't know if
SY> that's because the tests are wrong (e.g. due to servlet spec
SY> ambiguities), or if they're meaningful failures.  But they're considered
SY> secondary to Tomcat's tester tests, so we ignore the watchdog test
SY> failures.

SY> Since we ignore failures, and it's becoming a bit of a maintenance pain,
SY> should we drop watchdog from the tomcat release process?  Or should we
SY> tell pmc@jakarta to just leave watchdog as it is since we're using it
SY> still?  (They're considering moving it to the graveyard).

SY> Yoav Shapira
SY> Millennium Research Informatics

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for some reason unknown to us we keep getting emails from you??!!

Best regards,

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