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From Dennis Wong <>
Subject question about building tomcat from source
Date Sun, 27 Jun 2004 08:37:28 GMT
Hi all,
     This is my first time sending email to tomcat's
developers mail list.
     I am a programer with a little experience in
working with java and I am now try to build the tomcat
5 from the source in order to learn from the code and
if possible I would like to contribute to the tomcat
     But after I download the ant script from the
project's website at
and then after the ant script download all the code
and start to build from the source, the program get
stopped at the compiler error as this:

error: Can't find constructor
in type
    [javac]                    n.getBody().visit(new

and i have read the and I find the
ParamVisitor is a inner class in the same file so I
think its the problem of my setting.

    So is there anyone could help for this question?

    Thank you very much!

Best regard,

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