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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Please describe the new Logger System at cvs head.
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 23:44:42 GMT
> > About logging:
> > - it is a mistake (nowadays) to define custom loggers in applications
> > (JBoss doesn't, and yet it's far more complex); of course, an equally
> > big mistake is to provide "logging" services in the Servlet API ;)
> This is only a dream. In a hosting enviroment every customer will
> logging different. We offer own logfiles with the <Logger> configuartion
> in the context.xml.
> This were broken, if your changes are kept.
> My greatest problem is the administration of the log4j configuration.
> Where - or better - how can I do this automatically. This question you
> don't answer? Is there a discussion done about this problem?

Well, the discussion of administering the log4j configuration belongs on  However, I'm sure that the Tomcat 5.5 docs
will likely have examples (and, yes, patches are always welcome :).  Either
that, or Ceki is going to be selling a lot of copies of his book ;-).

> Your logger solution is maybe is well solution for a development or
> company-intern-used tomcat installation but the UseCase "Webhosting"
> have been ignored. If I must administrate every customer logger manually
> this is very counterproductively.

Actually, with the JMX support in log4j, I would guess that Remy's changes
will make life much easier for the Webhosting crowd.  If there is interest
(meaning patches :), then the admin webapp could even be extended to help
with the configuration.

> > - the big problem which I want to solve here is that logs are going to
> > different places, which is wrong; now, all logs should go to
> > commons-logging (or directly to the actual logger that commons-logging
> > is wrapping)
> What do you mean with "different places". If you man different places
> the logs will be saved than can I say this is a normal behaviour. In
> Germany there is a admin tool called "Confixx". This tool saves the logs
> in the home directory of the user. Than the user can view and load his
> logs with a normal ftp-client.
> Best regards
> Thorsten
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