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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Fedora
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 01:07:01 GMT
> Bill Barker <wbarker <at>> writes:

> Apache HTTPd doesn't ignore the problem:  When I type
> './configure --layout=RedHat' it compiles everything nicely configured into
> the proper location .

By "ignore the problem" I meant the problem that each linux distribution is
placing http config files and htdocs in a different place. And all linux
distributions are different from other Unixes, or what the binary distributions
from apache use.

In a way - you are right, they may even encourage this by making it so easy, so
probably ignore is not the right term  :-)

> > > I would answer no, as the stability issue is a big problem (the HTTPd
> > > doesn't have that issue; why is the worst left to us ? :/). The
> > > directory layout is a less critical issue.
> > > (we can't do the last point: the license allows basically anything)
> >
> > I disagree - there are a lot of things we can do:
> > - warn the users on web, readme, release notes, startup messages
> > - provide RPMs with the right layout, or at least define what it should
> > be ( right now this is left completely undefined )
> Thank you for volunteering to maintain the RPMs :).  Prior to jPackage,
> Henri was pretty much the only person interested in doing the work to
> maintain these.  After he moved his time to jPackage, the result was that I
> WONTFIXed a bunch of RPM related bugs for the 3.3.2 release.

I'm not going to volunteer to maintain the FHS-based RPMs :-)
I'm not using them, I don't believe it's a good idea, I know most tomcat 
developers use the common layout, and I know how tricky it is to get "endorsed"
or other directory tricks right. 

I can volunteer to write a simple .spec file that generates an RPM in the same
format as the other distributions - i.e. nothing special, just copy all the
tomcat files in the same layout as if you would get a .tgz, plus add links to
/usr/bin and /etc/init.d. "Maintaining" this would be mostly a no-op, i.e. any
problem should be identical with using the .tgz binary package.

But that won't solve the problem - many users will still use one of the many
FHS variants and they will attribute the problems to tomcat. And it won't be
acceptable for linux distros - since they require FHS. 

What is your proposal ? WONTFIX any issue reported on a RPM-based linux ?
I'm fine with this :-), but maybe we should make this clear in the release
notes and docs. 


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