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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Fedora
Date Mon, 17 May 2004 17:53:55 GMT
Shapira, Yoav <Yoav.Shapira <at>> writes:

> Hola,
> >Distros like Debian and Redhat have a policy to include packages in FHS
> >- of course each uses different layouts, but it's something under /etc,
> >/var/log, etc.
> Do we have an option of getting JPackage to do RPMs according to our
> layout?

That would be the ideal solution, but I doubt it. Henri ? 

Many distributions have a strong policy against bundling non-FHS packages (
debian in particular ) - this kind of gives them the right to mess with the
packages and place them in their own "standard" format ( where standard means
something specific for each distribution, but different from how the package 
is typically packaged ).

So the choice is:
- do we insist on our layout - and make it clear that we can't support FHS 
- strongly recommend our layout - but also define one FHS layout that must be
used if FHS is required ( and using Jpackage layout I described is as good as
any other - but it has to be only one ).
- don't care, files can be anywhere in the disk - people will have to maintain
distribution-specific scripts and documentations, etc

> >result in a pretty bad experience ( for example - I spent about 15 min
> >to restart tomcat - it seems after a crash you have to manually remove
> a
> >lock file, stop/start will not do it - so I had to look at their
> startup
> >script ).
> If it takes YOU 15 minutes to do it, we're in serious trouble when it
> comes to supporting less savvy users ;(

I'm almost completely lost. Since I like GCJ and want to try the "ab", I was
looking at the "out of file descriptors" problem. I spent about 2 hours in
 total - and I'm still not sure how I can debug it and fix.

All books and documentations are based on our layout - I pitty a user 
attempting to install mod_jk on this tomcat based on our docs. 
If we can agree on having one ( max 2  ) layouts, people may be able to write
scripts to automate some parts of the installation - if we ignore the problem
then tomcat-on-linux will become very fragmented and impossible to support. 

> >Yes, it would be great if we could tell "we only support this layout,
> if
> >  you use anything else - please don't contact us". But if we do that -
> >we should also include a RPM with this layout ( since we do it for
> >windows - why not for linux ? )
> So I guess we have to follow the plan you outlined previously, which
> involves updating our documentation to include the FHS layout option?

There are options. I think it's important to find out what most developers 

I do preffer insisting on our layout and having a  warning on the site and at
startup if this is modified. But if Henri and other people preffer supporting
FHS - I'm fine too, as long as we do define one FHS variant and attempt to
prevent the fragmentation. 

One layout is the best, but 2 is better than one per distro, and we can't 
expect RedHat ( or any other distribution ) to define how tomcat should be
installed ( again, httpd is a clear example of what will happen if we do 
that ). 


> Yoav

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