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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: RPM spec file using our layout
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 19:45:47 GMT
jean-frederic clere wrote:

>>> I am building a rpm of Tomcat for one of FSC product (OpenIS). It 
>>> installs Tomcat in /opt/SMAWoIS/jakarta-tomcat-${VERSION} and 
>>> /opt/SMAWoIS/jakarta-tomcat or /opt/SMAWoIS/jakarta-tomcat5. It uses 
>>> jsvc (for common-daemon) to start/stop the Tomcat.
>> I was planning to "build from binaries" (i.e. the binary tgz distro )- 
>> we already have Ant for building tomcat from source, and only want to 
>> generate a binary RPM as close as possible with the official .tgz - up 
>> to the directory name and exact content.
> That is nearly what I doing. I have shell scripts that build jsvc and 
> call ant to build the Tomcat then move it to a directories and only 
> after that I build the rpm.

Mine is even more agressive - it uses the binary distribution as is, the
build section is emtpy right now. The release manager already has 
scripts to create the .tar.gz binary - so the RPM is just expanding this 
to buildroot and adds the pre/post scripts to create few symlinks.

>> The only addition is creating the tomcat user, permissions, symlinks 
>> to etc, var, usr/bin and init.d. ( does it need logwatch ? tomcat does 
>> it's own rotation ).
>> Could you send me your .spec ?
> I send it directly to you... (Because it is big).


>> I'm looking at the jpackage one ( really complex, Henri and jpackage 
>> people are amazing maintaining such a beast ! ), I want to use same 
>> permissions if possible.
>> I don't think /opt/SMAWoIS is good for us, but if it follows the same 
>> layout with the distribution you can make a symlink, and any add-on 
>> RPM would work.
> I have a template spec file that fills a "variable" named BASEDIR and 
> put /opt/SMAWoIS in it. That is integrated in a build environment I need 
> some time to make it stand alone so that it can be reused if there is 
> interest it.

My itch is that it should be easy for people to add add-on packages ( 
like an RPM containing an webapp or jk binaries ), and the 
documentations we have should match what is installed. If our doc says 
you have to set an env var or modify a file in a certain dir - it should
work on RPM-linux as it works on other systems.

For the first problem - I don't think it is easy to create RPMs that 
deploy on top of tomcat if the basedir is not fixed. I was thinking to 
create a file to include the CATALINA_HOME, but it's too complex.


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