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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: RPM spec file using our layout
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 14:00:07 GMT
jean-frederic clere wrote:
> Costin Manolache wrote:
>> It seem we had one - but was removed 4 years ago, when Henri started 
>> it's RPMs ( if I remember corectly ).

>> If I update it for 4.x and 5.0 - and manage to get it working on 
>> windows with cygwyn's RPM - can we have it included in future releases ?
>> It's using /opt prefix - I can switch to /usr/local ( as apache httpd 
>> default ). Preferences ?
> I am building a rpm of Tomcat for one of FSC product (OpenIS). It 
> installs Tomcat in /opt/SMAWoIS/jakarta-tomcat-${VERSION} and 
> /opt/SMAWoIS/jakarta-tomcat or /opt/SMAWoIS/jakarta-tomcat5. It uses 
> jsvc (for common-daemon) to start/stop the Tomcat.

I was planning to "build from binaries" (i.e. the binary tgz distro )- 
we already have Ant for building tomcat from source, and only want to 
generate a binary RPM as close as possible with the official .tgz - up 
to the directory name and exact content.

The only addition is creating the tomcat user, permissions, symlinks to 
etc, var, usr/bin and init.d. ( does it need logwatch ? tomcat does it's 
own rotation ).

Could you send me your .spec ? I'm looking at the jpackage one ( really 
complex, Henri and jpackage people are amazing maintaining such a beast 
! ), I want to use same permissions if possible.

I don't think /opt/SMAWoIS is good for us, but if it follows the same 
layout with the distribution you can make a symlink, and any add-on RPM 
would work.

Is there a rule for the intermediate directory ( 
/opt/ASF/jakarta-tomca-5.0.25 instead of /opt/jakarta... ) ?

>> I also found "epm" - a tool that generates RPM, DEB, BSD, slackware, 
>> solaris, aix,...  packages from a single spec. Is it worth looking 
>> into this ? (
> Probably not. It is possible to convert a RPM to a DEB.

I know - it is possible to also generate a DEP using only Ant and tar/ar 
commands. But epm will also generate binary packages for macosx, 
solaris, etc. Maybe some other time :-)


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