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From Endre Stølsvik <>
Subject Re: Next release
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 09:06:06 GMT
On Sun, 16 May 2004, Remy Maucherat wrote:

| Costin Manolache wrote:
| > Remy Maucherat wrote:
| >
| >> Shapira, Yoav wrote:
| >>
| >>> One area to keep in mind there is performance.  There's no argument on
| >>> the utility of JMX at all.  I also think most of the performance hit
| >>> would be at initialization (and shutdown), as you're
| >>> creating/naming/binding JMX operations/attributes.  This is better than
| >>> having a performance hit in the request processing pipeline, so we're
| >>> OK, but it's nonetheless something to keep in mind as we're adding JMX
| >>> instrumentation all over the place.
| >>
| >>
| >>
| >> AFAIK, the performance hit would be minimal (JBoss runs ok to me, so
| >> JMX seems fast enough overall). It's an issue of cleaning the code, so
| >> it's not useful by itself. I think Costin wanted to do that migration
| >> to full JMX (we're a bit too much middle ground, and all those
| >> listener interfaces are definitely not trendy these days ;) ).
| >
| >
| >
| > For the critical path probably it's good to keep using an interface, but
| > for all "container changes" and other notification - there is no
| > performance issue.
| Yes, but we can't be too bad either: if we take one minute to deploy a
| webapp (unless we're precompiling on deploy ;) ) then it would be bad.

The startup-time of Tomcat is -really- annoyingly slow..! So if you'd need
some user/developer-type-user feedback: shorten the startup time! One
-often- restarts tomcat when developing stuff - the redeploy stuff isn't
always totally cool - then you'll have to wait "forever" for Tomcat to

Another thing I'd love to see, which I probably at one point'll make
myself if it doesn't get done (but I've been surviving for 4 years w/o so
far, though!), is:
  The shutdown-thingy. When one invoke the remote shutdown procedure, it
releases immediately after getting "the packet" out the door, not waiting
a nanosecond for tomcat to actually shut down. I'd like to see the remote
shutdown process (the java-thing) wait all the way till Tomcat actually
has shut down, or -most probably- have shut down. This could be done in
the following manner: the shutdown process will hook up to Tomcat, and
send the shutdown-packet. It would then wait for the "shutdown done"
packet. Tomcat would start shutting down, and -right before- it invokes
System.exit(0), or the main terminates, it'll send the "shutdown done"
packet. The shutdown process would then -wait- (sleep) 30 millis before
exiting.  This would ensure that any context-switching that needed be done
at that time would be done (Thread.yield() does -not- actually yield the
processor (at least not on Linux w/ sun java)! But sleeping some millis
-does- yield! (try it!)), so that the Tomcat java-process actually exists,
and then we'd go back to the shutdown process, and that'll exit.

There are plenty of annoyances with the existing system, but most notably,
is the init.d-shutdown-style scripting of most Unix-style Os'es (and most
probably also with Windows): you can't be sure if the Tomcat process
actually have exited at all when you shut down the machine - risking the
abrupt termination of some important shutdown procedure for some of the

Another good idea would be the possibility to use the Tomcat control class
to poll that Tomcat -is up-, for the "other way around": when a system
-starts-, you often can't continue with some things before some other
things are ensured that have started. So the control-code could be invoked
with "-ensureUp" or something, that would continously try to connect to
the Tomcat process and get the "I'm up and running with all the initial
webapps" acknowledgements. This would enable a startup script to first
fire off a java-process with Tomcat -in the background-, then immediately
afterwards fire off the control java-process with "-ensureUp" -in the
foreground-. This would exit immediately when Tomcat actually is up, so
that you could exit the control-shellscript or whatever.

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