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From Dennis Thrysøe <>
Subject Re: Embedding Jasper / JSP compiling
Date Mon, 17 May 2004 07:15:22 GMT
Petr Jiricka wrote:
> Dennis Thrysøe wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm currently working on embedding a jasper engine within a servlet 
>> container that I'm writing. During this work I have run into the 
>> following questions:
>> 1) Is the only advantage to using fork=true, that the javac memory 
>> leak issue is avoided?
>> 2) Has the javac memory leak issue been fixed in newer versions of the 
>> JDK?
>> 3) Is there any way to have the Java code generated from JSPs compiled 
>> using my own classloader? I was thinking, that if I used fork=false, 
>> maybe javac would just use the present classloader.
> I'd say this is not possible now. 

That's a shame. Would sun.util.javac.Main load classes with it's own 
classloader then (not delegating to it's parent classloader)? Or would 
it perhaps load classes with an entirely different mechanism?

> Should be a topic for Java compiler 
> API:

Which doesn't look very active. Do you have any idea whether it would be 
worth sending them a mail?


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