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From Dennis Thrys√łe <>
Subject Re: Embedding Jasper / JSP compiling
Date Fri, 14 May 2004 16:11:27 GMT
Rick Knowles wrote:
> Dennis,
> I'm not a tomcat dev, but hopefully I can help anyway - having done what 
> I think it is you're trying to do. I did mine for the Winstone servlet 
> container (
> For Nos 1 and 2, I can't help. But for No 3 it involves setting context 
> attributes:
> 1) org.apache.catalina.jsp_classpath, and
> 2) org.apache.catalina.classloader
> It seems that 1 is the one that does the work. It doesn't actually even 
> seem to call 2 at class load time, but there is code that reads 2, so I 
> set it anyway.
> By setting 1, you don't actually set the classloader, but you make a new 
> classloader that has the same classpath. If that's not what you want, 
> maybe someone else on the list can help.
> The only other thing you have to do is mount the JspServlet, which it 
> sounds like you've already done.

Thanks for your answer, which I think would help somewhat. But I already 
figured this part out, and have that working.

The part that I have trouble with is using my own classloader, because 
with the classpath I can only refer to jars and directories. What I need 
to do is load classes from jars within jars, and other places as well.

But I will certainly look into the org.apache.catalina.classloader 
context attribute. That one had missed my attention.


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