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From "NormW" <>
Subject PATCH Status worker (jk_worker_status.c) and Style Sheet.
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 05:42:02 GMT
Greetings All.
Not withstanding that the whole Style Sheet thing for the Status Worker has
gone quiet, offer here a patch to add the following:

1. Add a char variable to hold a path to the Style Sheet.
2. Add an int variable to define how the style sheet path should be used.
      0 = No style info sent at all
      1 = Use the built-in default
      2 = Use the style path as a URL context to an external Style Sheet
      3 = Use the style path as a file in the file system which is sent as
an internal style sheet.
      Both modes 2 and 3 allow evaluation of colour options without
restarting the server.
      Mode 3 also supports the serverRoot macro.
3. The above parameters have been added to jk_worker.h and do not
significantly expand it.
4. GetAttributes and SetAttributes have been added to support the above vars
plus 'disabled' and 'debug'.
5. The 'lst=' and 'dmp=' commands don't contain HTML formatting and hence
return as 'plain/text'.
6. The default of 'all' is changed to an empty string, since the 'all'
command is not yet defined as a command.
7. The order of the headers supports a recommendation in RFC 2616.
8. The Status Worker is now closer to a manageable object.
The changes have been built and tested satisfactory in a NetWare environment
at least.
If jk_worker_status.c should ever acquire xml output, assume it will need a
style sheet also.


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