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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Discussion - /jkstatus and xml
Date Sat, 17 Apr 2004 16:27:08 GMT
I already said I'm -0 on XML format for /jkstatus.

It is a status page to allow people to quickly see the status. If you 
want to programmatically process it - the right solution is to get the 
informations into the JMX engine on tomcat side. I believe there is 
already code to do some of this and expose some of the mod_jk components 
as MBeans.

Yes, some people may want to just get info from mod_jk side and won't 
care about tomcat monitoring. But developing a proprietary solution, 
specificially for mod_jk is IMO bad.

It would be much better if we find what other info from mod_jk is needed 
and pass it to tomcat JMX, then use JMX tools to do all monitoring on a 
common basis.

( I won't get into the evil of inventing random XML formats and 
replacing a simple html with a complex solution involving XSL and 
templates ).


NormW wrote:
> Hello again.
> It looks like a one-sided discussion at the moment.
> I must admit being a +0 myself, although, from a technical standpoint, I
> don't get or need a vote. I've finally got the HTML version worked out, and
> the 'comfort' that knowledge brings is not readily given up. But a few years
> ago I didn't even know about Apache, so change seems both inevitable and
> sneaky. And your suggestion bypasses a decision as to what format to include
> in the JTC source!
> At this point, (due to lack of response so far) some questions of likely
> interest are:
> 1. What development effort the implementation would need,
> 2. What timeframe it could take, and
> 3. Is there a document outlining the development of a 'template'.
> If this went ahead, it seems all questions would need to be answered by you.
> However, it might be considered 'early days' yet.
> Norm
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> From: "Mladen Turk" <>
> To: "'Tomcat Developers List'" <>
> Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 5:15 PM
> Subject: RE: Discussion - /jkstatus and xml
>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>From: NormW
>>>It seems your proposal has left everyone speechless.... which could
>>>mean either +1 or +0  perhaps...
>>It's probably +0 thought :)
>>Really, I think it's a good solution, that doesn't change the overall
>>appearance of the current implementation.
>>The current one can be embedded as const char * string parsed, but you may
>>have an external file for what ever format you like.
>>The two directives to the [status] should be added and those are
> 'template'
>>and 'contentType'. Without it's presence the default one will get
> displayed.
>>I'm using the code for a custom mod_dir that generates the xml directory
>>listings, and it works good enough.
>>It is useful in any situation where you have mixture of key-value pares
>>combined with the collection of key-value pairs generated using loops.
>>>>If the appropriate solution is to have a template file that
>>>can generate
>>>>what ever content then I have a solution.
>>>> is a simple
>>>state template
>>>>engine with only 13k of code.
>>>>You can define loop callbacks and have a content what ever
>>>you like html,
>>>>txt or xml.
>>>>If the template file is the acceptable solution then I can help you
>>>>integrate that.
>>>>The gain is to have a single codebase that can generate any
>>>type of a
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