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Subject RE: TC evolment
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 11:04:35 GMT
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Henri Gomez
> > >> I think that we need to change the thinking perspective 
> > from TC being 
> > >> a 'helper' to TC being a 'workhorse'.
> > > Interesting idea Mladen.
> > Next idea.
> > 
> > If we drop Apache 2.0 support we need to have jk/jk2 jobs 
> > done somewhere  :
> > What about Tomcat 5 & Coyote as a ajp13 dispatcher with 
> > advances and fine tuning rules, which could be updated in 
> > real time in via JMX ?
> >
> Yes something like that, It will allow mod_jk2 lb features and header
> preproc, but in pure Java, and it'll need to expose some kind 
> of the API,
> usable from native code.
> Having that in Java will allow dynamic config either using 
> JMX or some other
> technology.
> Will it use ajp13 as a messaging protocol? I don't know yet.
> MT.

Hi All,

Just thought I'd chip in!  Please feel free to ignore me.

I use tomcat exclusively behind apache.  This is for performance reasons
both as a proxy for "slow" clients (releasing relatively expensive tomcat
resources) and as a static content server.

We use apache to control our URL space and serve all sorts of content from
all sorts of servers.  In many instances tomcat, or jboss or any other app
server does not have the control over the URL/Request that apache gives us
without allot of custom coding.  We use mod_rewrite, mod_proxy, php,
mod_perl, mod_some_auth_module.

I have not benchmarked it but I would be surprised it tomcat was as good as
apache in an SSL environment.

Just my 2 pence worth, to defend us flat earth people that still use Apache
(mostly 1.3.x as well) in front of tomcat for lots of quite sensible

I do agree that a lot of tomcats are stand alone and that these can be quite
usefully setup without apache is a valid one, but not an exclusively so.


ps I still see an 80/20 rule of 80% static content, 20% dynamic both in
traffic and war file content.   Not to say the 20% does not involve a lot of
processing to produce!

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