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From Steve Spicer <>
Subject Re: JK2 Connector and denial of service attacks
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 14:51:22 GMT
At 10:36 PM 29/03/2004, you wrote:
>Henri Gomez wrote:
>>Steve Spicer wrote:
>>>On standard install it doesn't.  I'm not sure why but it still seems the 
>>>JK connector is connecting to tomcat even though the access checker hook 
>>>is returning a 403.
>>>Any ideas?
>>I will make some tests on it.
>I make some tests and I didn't see such problems.
>The first request to http://mymachine/examples/ were
>forwarded to tomcat, but the rest was forbideen (403)
>by mod_dosevasive.
>I used provided in mod_dosevasise.
>Same thing with ab (ApacheBench).
>So what's your problem ?

Although I get 403 status it still seems to be spawning lots of HTTPD's and 
tomcat takes cpu time, surely if the 403 worked the extra HTTPD would not 
spwan and tomcat would be unaffected?

Im beginning to think I have some config issues, I'll check them all out 
and get back if theres still an issue.

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