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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: jk2 and debug on specials uri
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 12:03:20 GMT
NormW wrote:

> Good evening Henri,
> Thanks for taking the patch.
> The pseudo-code (now below) is mostly an 'analysis' of what I would expect
> JkUriSet to do based on understanding of the process. From this it is mostly
> a check list of what to expect to find when looking at what the code
> actually does. In looking at the uri records the current process creates, I
> noticed the 'name' and 'uri' now lacks the added numbers, yet when I tried
> the get= command I couldn't retrieve the object;  a dmp= showed the uri
> records still get an object name that has a number added on, which is a
> little confusing.
> As mentioned previously, it's my understanding the uri records are meant to
> aim a url at a designated worker, and if the uri record is first created in
> then the 'comment' in the mod_jk2.c source that "all
> entries passed in [via jkuriset] are unique" clearly _may_ not apply. In
> that sense the uri objects are much like database records with a primary key
> that includes the host, port and context... [uri:/examples/*] says to use
> the 'default' host and port, and if the <Location> block isn't inside a
> virtual host directive, then <Location /examples/*> effectively means the
> same thing, so there really isn't a need to create an extra uri object....
> As I said, it's mostly meant as a checklist, and is only valid if I
> understand the requirements. While I would like to be able to code a patch
> for this, my C skills are such that I limited my pseudo-code to use enough
> to make it easier to understand.... it doesn't necessarily make it right.

Thanks Norm.

Any patch welcome.

Also what about working on an XML version of jkstatus ?

Could you save some hours on it ?

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