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From Thorsten Kamann <>
Subject Re: Discussion - /jkstatus and stylesheets
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 07:55:35 GMT
Hello Henri

Henri Gomez schrieb:

> No problem for me to provide the result in XML, since I've got friend
> aroud which could provide me some nice XSL still sheet.
> Second advantage, the jkstatus could be used by others apps for example
> for monitoring purposes.
> +0 for XML (lack of time to works on this ;().
> So we should now define a DTD.

Do we need multiple XMLs and DTDs. The jkstatus provides 4 different 
sites. Should the content of the 4 HTML-Pages merged into one XML?

Do we need really a DTD? Is the configurations entry not to complex for 
a dtd?
If you want I can try to create a draft of a jkstatus xml.

Best regards

Thorsten Kamann
ICQ: 40746578
Yahoo: ThorQue

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