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From "NormW" <>
Subject Re: jk2 and debug on specials uri
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 21:54:54 GMT
Good morning Henri,
Being 'in between employment' as they say, I do have some hours, but my
first step would be to buy a 'small' book to see what it is all about.
Beyond general browsing of the Tomcat xdocs I have little experience with
the technology and no experience creating an xml document. Provided the task
remains open to allcomers and doesn't stop on the assumption that 'the ball
is in my court', I can have a look at it.... if someone gets it finished
first, so much the better.


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From: "Henri Gomez" <>
To: "Tomcat Developers List" <>
Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 10:03 PM
Subject: Re: jk2 and debug on specials uri

> NormW wrote:
> > Good evening Henri,
> > Thanks for taking the patch.
> >
> > The pseudo-code (now below) is mostly an 'analysis' of what I would
> > JkUriSet to do based on understanding of the process. From this it is
> > a check list of what to expect to find when looking at what the code
> > actually does. In looking at the uri records the current process
creates, I
> > noticed the 'name' and 'uri' now lacks the added numbers, yet when I
> > the get= command I couldn't retrieve the object;  a dmp= showed the uri
> > records still get an object name that has a number added on, which is a
> > little confusing.
> >
> > As mentioned previously, it's my understanding the uri records are meant
> > aim a url at a designated worker, and if the uri record is first created
> > then the 'comment' in the mod_jk2.c source that "all
> > entries passed in [via jkuriset] are unique" clearly _may_ not apply. In
> > that sense the uri objects are much like database records with a primary
> > that includes the host, port and context... [uri:/examples/*] says to
> > the 'default' host and port, and if the <Location> block isn't inside a
> > virtual host directive, then <Location /examples/*> effectively means
> > same thing, so there really isn't a need to create an extra uri
> >
> > As I said, it's mostly meant as a checklist, and is only valid if I
> > understand the requirements. While I would like to be able to code a
> > for this, my C skills are such that I limited my pseudo-code to use
> > to make it easier to understand.... it doesn't necessarily make it
> Thanks Norm.
> Any patch welcome.
> Also what about working on an XML version of jkstatus ?
> Could you save some hours on it ?
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