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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject RE: [OT] problems posting attachments to the list - Yoav??
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 15:07:31 GMT
Hi Yoav,
> That's because OE6 will strip "potentially dangerous" attachements (=
> nearly anything).
I dont use OE, so that's not the problem for me.

> Basically, no ;)  I can't look into it, as the policy regarding
> attachements is ASF-general.  The tomcat lists are no different from all
> other ASF lists, I couldn't make them different even if I tried.
That's not true:
- I'm suscribed to apr and httpd-dev lists, and there attachments work.
- The Tomcat list _is_ different since it's the only list appending the unsubscribe information

I bed that the issue is gone if you remove the footer.

> Consider using Bugzilla to attach patches to known issues.  A patch
> without a matching Bugzilla attachment is more likely to be
> ignored/missed anyways.
that's not ok for a developer's list; the list is for proposed patches and discussions about
patches, buzilla is for bugs.
According to your oppinion we can close then this mailing list here and do all conversation
through bugzilla.

In addition its totally senseless if we ask people for unified diffs, and the attachments
are then dropped and the one who wants to commit the patch has to copy&paste from the

my 2ct.

thanks for your reply.


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