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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject Re: jk2 new shmem using APR
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2004 21:31:36 GMT
> wrote:
>>>As per above, Solaris apr build appears to have bugs.  As yet I have not
>>>had the time to look at why.
I believe there's a problem with the file rights, not with SHM self. I think the scoreboard
is created by the init process, but later on when the child wants to access it it has insufficient
Greg who reported the problem on Solaris posted an 'ls' of the files created from APR and
created from the older code which Henri did put in for me, and there you could see the difference...
Greg, can you please repost this?
I saw these problems with another 3rd party module too (mod_watch), and I looked for a solution,
I've looked at this:
 * Set a file to be inherited by child processes.
which might probably solve it, but not tested yet with mod_jk2; with the other module it didnt
work, and I asked at the httpd-dev list and was told that I should look at mod_ssl which does
some tricks to make sure that files created 
by init are later accessable....

from this point of view APR is probably not broken, and we need to do some more than only
open the scoreboard file to make sure it is later accessable.


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