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Subject RE: jk2 new shmem using APR
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 14:48:26 GMT
> Greg,

Hi Paul,

> I have just recently joined this list (and this is my first 
> post!) because I *might* have a few cycles and (in theory 
> :-)) the expertise to help out a little.  Anyway after seeing 
> this post - just thought I'd let you know that you are not 
> alone.  I am also trying to use mod_jk2 on Solaris 8 with 
> apache 1.3.x. I'm only experimenting with jk2 so far and 
> haven't built from anything recent - just 2.0.2 and kludged 
> around the problems to get it to build & run.  Thought I'd 
> wait until 2.0.4 at least before really trying to integrate 
> it into our system...
> - paul r.  

I only experience this issue on 2.0.4-dev from a few weeks ago.

Turk has done allot of work recently on this, but as yet I have not had time
to check these changes - sorry Turk.

I am however going to try this today.  Famous last words!

If you plan on using JK2 in a similar way to me I would checkout 2.0.4-dev
from CVS, build it and have a go, as it may not work in its current form.

As an aside our team will be looking at apache2 and tomcat5 sooner rather
than later as it would appear that more development effort is taking place
on these platforms.  However balancing lots of apps and infrastructure
upgrades and testing with day to day support means this will not happen



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