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From Rob Ross <>
Subject ant task for uploading war file via manager app
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 01:43:47 GMT
Having searched the archives, I didn't find anything about this subject.

I wrote a simple ant task that will upload a war file from a locally mounted
directory via a tomcat manager webapp running on any network accessible
machine. Sample use of the ant task is :

 <taskdef name="upload"  classname="com.enetworks.antTasks.UploadWarTask" />

 <target name="upload" depends="war" >
     <property name="warPath" value="${basedir}/${dist.dir}/${}.war"
     <echo message="Deploying ${warPath} to ${manager.url}..."/>

     <upload   url="${manager.url}"
     war="${warPath}" />

I wrote this because I couldn't get the jakarta-ant "deploy" task to work. 

Is it supposed to let me deploy a local war file to a remote server? 

Anyway, I didn't see any "upload" task in jakarta-ant, so would anyone be
interested in the code for the upload task?

Rob Ross
Senior Software Engineer
E! Networks

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