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From Paul Speed <>
Subject Re: Returned mail: Delivery Failed
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2004 20:53:57 GMT

"Shapira, Yoav" wrote:
> Hi,
> >It seemed to me that in the old days, posts were held until a moderator
> >let them through.
> That was true for some lists.  Very few lists are so light in traffic
> that that's possible now.

Ah.  The way I understood it before was that new subscribers were
allowed to post but their posts would get moderated until putting
them on a "good poster" list.  I guess I was mistaken about the last
part, but it would be a pretty good system.

> >subscribers was explained.  As I undertand it, none of these messages
> >would have made it through under that system.
> That's true, but that system is not feasible for tomcat-dev and
> tomcat-user, as it requires moderators to screen thousands of messages
> daily.
> >I wouldn't call the current situation as "moderated" so much as
> >"managed".  Is there a reason that the developers list allows posting
> >from non-subscribers?  Or are these troubled addresses actually fully
> >subscribed?
> All these addresses are fully subscribed (i.e. they responded to the
> subscription confirmation message).  Only subscribed addresses may post
> here.

Thanks for the information.  I'm not one to sit by and critique
something that I'm not willing to help out on.  So, I'd be willing to
help out if needed.  I'm not a committer, but I've been reading this
list for years.


> Yoav Shapira
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