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From "Igor Abade V. Leite" <>
Subject Taglib development - how to prevent EL expansion inside a custom tag
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2004 18:44:07 GMT
Hi folks! I have the following situation: In a given custom tag (a
data-bound grid), I use several EL variables to allow to tag consumer to
tailor the tag's output. While in Tomat 4.1 this was no issue - since
the container didn't know nothing about EL, my tag took care of all EL
parsing (using Commons EL).

But now I got in trouble. Tomcat 5 parses all EL expressions it finds in
a JSP page. This way I can't do it my own way. My question is: Is there
a way to tell Jasper I don't way it to parse the EL expressions it finds
*inside* my custom tag? Notice that I don't want to disable it for the
whole page, so <jsp-config> is not suitable. I think this should be done
at TLD or TagInfo level.

Thanks in advance,
        Igor Abade

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