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From "NormW" <>
Subject Re: jk2 2.0.4 release
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 21:27:34 GMT
Good morning Henri.

1. I have tried your recently added <style> section for the jkstatus page,
and the dab of colour is a nice addition. Application of some more <P>'s and
<H?> to the output display would make a small refinement to the approach.
However, the notion that one has to recompile the module just to change the
colour scheme seems a little too heavyweight. An alternative I tried was to
embed a <LINK HREF= > [in jk_worker_status.c] to an external stylesheet in
/styles/jkstatus.css. While hard coding isn't always appreciated (I've seen
a few sites with this type of directory) the external file makes changing
colour combinations a _lot_ easier. While this might expose the colouring to
some tampering, the same is also true with Apache and Mod_Jk2 when external
config files are used.

2. A recent e-mail from me to TC-dev indicated a 'problem' with JkUriSet,
whereby the 'match_type' is being incorrectly set in the uri bean due to the
digits added to the uri passed to the jk_uriEnv_init function. Jean Clere
offered some feedback regarding this, but the question still remains. This
currently 'breaks' JkUriSet AFAICTest and it 'ought' to be working for the
2.0.4 release if possible. The 'primary key' for URI objects is the URI type
+ a name field made up of a possible host,port and context. If the same
values can be recovered for a particular <Location> entry in an Apache conf
file, then it makes sense to simply update an existing [matching] uri object
created through in which case there is no point to
adding the extra numbers, which prevents identical uri keys from being

3. I recently suggested a patch for uriEnv.c to remove a duplicated field
from the uri runtime display in /jkstatus. While I can even stand a reply of
'Idiot - it can't be done because...', it's not polite to just ignore offers
of assistance to make the module better.

Thanks for the time and effort given,

> Hi,
> We see many bug fixes in the last 2 weeks in jk2, and I wonder if
> some of you still have some corrections to commit.
> I plan to tag jk2 next Monday morning, and make the release on
> monday afternoon.
> If nobody object, I'll do like this
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