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From "NormW" <>
Subject JkUriSet bug.
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 21:53:15 GMT
Good morning All

In Mod_Jk2, jk_UriEnv.c, line 419, there is is a test to determine which end
of a URL template string has the *, to determine if the 'match type' should
 [   if (uri[strlen(uri) - 1] == '*') {  ]

A URL template found in a [uri] section is passed to
jk_UriEnv_init() [line 321] without modification, and everything works as

URL's passed to jk_UriEnv_init() from Apache's .conf file have a (-nn)
number added to the end of them, thus the test at line 419 always fails, and
so they always default to being flagged as MATCH_TYPE_SUFFIX.

Log entry when using .conf (<Location /admin/*>) is as follows (the -1 is
the appended number, which increments for each conf url) :

[jk_uriEnv.c (448)]  uriEnv.init()  uri:/admin/*-1  host=*  uri=/admin/*-1
type=2 ctx=(null) prefix=(null) suffix=/admin/*-1

and when using [uri:/admin/*] is as follows:

[jk_uriEnv.c (448)]  uriEnv.init()  uri:/admin/*  host=*  uri=/admin/*
type=1 ctx=(null) prefix=/admin/ suffix=(null)

Additionally, the extra characters on the end of the passed 'template' will
mean suffix_len and prefix_len are incorrectly set also when received from

I'm uncertain about why the numbers are added when received from Apache and
not when generated from inside Can someone comment on
this please?


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