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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject Re: jk2 : ap_hook_translate_name should be APR_HOOK_MIDDLE
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 12:45:40 GMT
> With the actual code in jk2, we can't use mod_alias, for instance
> ErrorDocument.

> I changed the ap_hook_translate_name from APR_HOOK_FIRST to
> APR_HOOK_MIDDLE and I've get the ErrorDocument.

> jk use also APR_HOOK_MIDDLE for ap_hook_translate_name, so I wonder
> why it's set to APR_HOOK_FIRST in jk2 (seems to be a bug).

> I'm waiting for explanation before commiting the fix :

> Gleen, Mladen, Jean-Frederic, Gunter, advices please
I will test that soon; and I believe that APR_HOOK_MIDDLE gives also the user a chance to
change something with the load order; I think with APR_HOOK_FIRST there's no chance to change
something regardless if you load as first or last module...

Also I found some more whoes with APR_HOOK_REALLY_FIRST: I use it in a very simple module
which only appends a string to the signature, and I wanted to make sure that the string appears
directly after the server signature; while it works fine with Linux and NetWare, on Win32
I get different results: one start it behaves as expected, another start and the string appears
_before_ (!!) the server signature as very first string!
So the point is that at least on Win32 the hook priority isnt constant but _can_ differ from
start to start!
here's the simple module if someone wants to test with:
NetWare and Win32 binaries also on my site...


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