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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: jk2 2.0.4 release plan
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 10:02:07 GMT

"Henri Gomez" <> wrote in message
> Mike Anderson a écrit :
> > I'll be happy to deliver zips instead of NLMS. for NetWare.
> >
> > Henri (and others) since we are tagging and releasing jk2 can/should we
> > do the same for jk since I know there is added functionality (Ping/Pong
> > and timeouts) there as well?
> Well, one release at a time, users urge us for jk2 release, jk release
> could wait some time (Bill ?)

Yeah, well, I suppose that now that I'm an all-great-and-powerful PMC
member, I could RM a JK release.  However, I'd like to get out a TC 3.3.2
before that (so, if anyone else wants to RM JK in the meantime, you've got
my +1 :).  Also, if Larry wants to jump in to RM 3.3.2, I'll step aside,
since he has done such a great job on all of the other 3.3 releases.

The rules for 3.3 releases are still old-school.  I'll try to get a
[PROPOSAL] together by the end of the week.  If that's not rejected, then we
go to a [VOTE] (which will give me time to clarify if I count PMC members or
committers as binding votes).  In the unlikely event that we get enough
people to care about 3.3 enough to vote (seeing the trouble that Remy has
getting people to vote :), then there will be a 3.3.2 release.

As cool as it would  be to have a 3.3.3 release, I'd probably consider the
3.3.2 release to be an EOL release for the 3.x line.  Security releases
would still be provided, but not much more.

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