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From Michael McGrady <>
Subject [OT] TEST Re: jk2 2.0.4 release plan
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 09:58:09 GMT

At 01:56 AM 2/4/2004, you wrote:
>Bill Barker a écrit :
>>"Henri Gomez" <> wrote in message
>>>Mike Anderson a écrit :
>>>>I'll be happy to deliver zips instead of NLMS. for NetWare.
>>>>Henri (and others) since we are tagging and releasing jk2 can/should we
>>>>do the same for jk since I know there is added functionality (Ping/Pong
>>>>and timeouts) there as well?
>>>Well, one release at a time, users urge us for jk2 release, jk release
>>>could wait some time (Bill ?)
>>Yeah, well, I suppose that now that I'm an all-great-and-powerful PMC
>>member, I could RM a JK release.  However, I'd like to get out a TC 3.3.2
>>before that (so, if anyone else wants to RM JK in the meantime, you've got
>>my +1 :).  Also, if Larry wants to jump in to RM 3.3.2, I'll step aside,
>>since he has done such a great job on all of the other 3.3 releases.
>>The rules for 3.3 releases are still old-school.  I'll try to get a
>>[PROPOSAL] together by the end of the week.  If that's not rejected, then we
>>go to a [VOTE] (which will give me time to clarify if I count PMC members or
>>committers as binding votes).  In the unlikely event that we get enough
>>people to care about 3.3 enough to vote (seeing the trouble that Remy has
>>getting people to vote :), then there will be a 3.3.2 release.
>>As cool as it would  be to have a 3.3.3 release, I'd probably consider the
>>3.3.2 release to be an EOL release for the 3.x line.  Security releases
>>would still be provided, but not much more.
>+100 for 3.3.2 release, I'm waiting for about ... months :)
>If you work on it, I could get jk2 RM job :-)
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