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From "Kevin D. Offet" <>
Subject Re: Are the docs: serverStartup.pdf and requestProcess.pdf broken?
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2004 20:32:16 GMT
Michal Kostrzewa wrote:
> Hi,
> I think the files 
> and 
> are broken.

When attempting to open them Acrobat Reader reports a series of errors 
that are very similar to a recent problem we've had.

We could not email valid pdf files at all. They could be created locally 
and viewed successfully but not emailed.

After investigations, trials and tribulations the short story is:

A local windowsxp machine had been infected with a viral spam-mailer.

The installed and active virus scanner had not caught it, and from our 
best guesses had missed it for over a week.

A better virus scanner (pick your favorite, YMMV) found 100 infected files.

However, the problem still persisted. We then removed and replaced our 
email program. which resolved the problem.

I would include a better picture of what happened by including the file 
list/log from the virus scanner but the affected machine is now off-line 
and being replaced.

Our thoughts seem to make sense in that the viral spam-mailer has to 
work by affecting those part of a system responsible for adding 
attachments. In the case of attaching pdf files, it would corrupt the 
file in the process.

By now, you have already uploaded good copies to the CVS and resolved 
the immediate issue. But I thought I might mention this little episode 
in light of not only the corrupt pdf files but also the spurious email 
that that the list has been receiving (re : Mladen Turk).


> I've tested in under linux with gs and under Windows with Acrobat Reader
> 5 and received the same errors. I've checked the sources of tomcat5 out
> and the files there are corrupted too... Somebody forgot to add -kb cvs
> sticky tag? :) But seriously - can somebody open this file successfully?
> best regards,
> Michal Kostrzewa
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