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From Peter Lin <>
Subject [OT] Re:
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 04:02:15 GMT
I'm inclined to wait until JCP comes up with a good way to migrate/support non-blocking approach
within a servlet container. Event driven technique isn't new by any measure and has been proven
to scale well. But most cases actually do not require the added complexity. Unless an application
has to support a large number of concurrent requests/users in the 5K+ range, it's usually
not cost effective.
take SEDA for example, it breaks request processing into stages, so that each stage is profiled.
If a request is for the same resource, the queue handler can by-pass the database call and
just return the result. If you read Matt's paper on SEDA, you'll see the design goal was to
handle /. like effect where a large number of users are requesting the same resource. The
approach is powerful, but it would be difficult for someone with only ASP and CGI experience.
Ideally, an API that hides the complexity of call-backs, thread sync and gives the appearance
of single threaded processing would make it easier to develop and debug. For the last year
I've been working on projects that have to support major scalability. Educating the other
developers about async processing has been sufficiently difficult and a headache. My biased
perspective :)
peter lin

Reshat Sabiq <> wrote:

What would this benchmark look like if Tomcat also was configured to use a max of x threads,
just like sse? If the difference was negligible/none, then IMHO NIO effect is no different
than playing with max threads value. However, if there was still a considerable difference
for heavy loads, i would be inclined to changing the API to make it compatible w/ both, so
that the container could toggle between using IO and NIO based on a config, load, etc.
My undeserved 2 cents. :)

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