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From Alexander Schwartz <>
Subject Re: failover-problem and session mixup: jakarta-tomcat-connectors/mod_jk: jk_ajp_common.c
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 20:41:08 GMT
Am Di, den 10.02.2004 schrieb Henri Gomez um 15:52:

> To fix this serious bug we should modify the current service API.
> We should store the POSTED datas in the jk_ws_service_t area and
> not in ajp_operation_t, as such the first worker will feed the POST
> datas in an area which will be available to the second one.
> Aternate idea are of course more than welcome;

As I understand it mod_jk is "stable", almost "deprecated", and mod_jk2
is "the future". Therefore I suggest: 

   * no API change in mod_jk
   * mark the operation as unrecoverable when an error occurs after
     the headers have been sent to the tomcat, that is only fixing
     bugs and trying not to do big changes 
   * concentrate your efforts on mod_jk2 and give people a reason to 
     upgrade :)

Marking the operation as unrecoverable might also solve the other
(lb-)problem: when you shut down the first tomcat after it has already
sent some data to the client mod_jk forwards the request to the second
tomcat and appends the response of the second tomcat to the response of
the first tomcat. I'll deliver a sample jk.log soon. 

I have prepared a patch for 1.2.4/1.2.5, and I am happy to port it to
HEAD -- if someone checks that it leaves no loose ends.

Thanks for taking this serious.


PS: this "empty POST" bug is not the explanation for the session mixup
(yet)? Any ideas on that one?
Alexander Schwartz (

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