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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Jakarta Collections 3.0?
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 19:01:21 GMT
Quoting Costin Manolache <>:

> If I remember correctly ( and if it didn't change ), tomcat needs 
> modeler in a parent classloader. Modeler has an optional dependency on 
> digester, which depends on beanutils and collections. They both depend 
> on logging, and modeler also depends on jmx.
> So unless some classloader trick is used - we have to have collections 
> in the parent loader - which forces the entire tomcat instalation to use 
> the same collection version ( unless reverse loader tricks are used ).
> That implies that if tomcat upgrades to collections3.0 - all webapps 
> that use collections2.0 may stop working.
> Even more interesting - we don't actually have this choice - since if 
> digester changes to the new collections, we're forced to do the same :-)
> What if we use modeler without digester ? Are there other components 
> that depend on digester + collections ? At least for emebed this would 
> be a good solution ( it won't reduce the size too much, but it may 
> reduce the dependency impact it has when it's embeded - since whatever 
> app it is emebeded into will be forced to update collections and all 
> packages that depend on it - or do classloader tricks )

Subscribers to COMMONS-DEV will see that I'm proposing to remove the dependency
on [collections] from both [beanutils] and [digester].  Both dependencies are
very thin, and doing this will avoid penalizing [beanutils]/[digester]
customers for what [collections] did.

> Costin


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