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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Release the HEAD of j-t as Tomcat 3.3.2
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2004 02:48:42 GMT
It has been a long time since the 3.3.1 release, and there are several
important bug fixes in the CVS.  Therefore, I'm proposing cutting a 3.3.2
release with myself as RM (although I'll step aside if Larry really wants
the job :).

Time Line:
  This proposal will run until Thursday, Feb 12 (I was going to do Friday,
until I noticed that the date was the 13th :) 6:00 PM PDT.  At that point it
will become a [VOTE] that will last until Thursday, Feb 19 6:00 PM PDT.  If
the [VOTE] passes with 3 PMC +1s and no -1s and the enhancements below are
complete (with the possible exception of licensing), then we cut a 3.3.2-RC1
release.  I don't see that it is likely that we have any major regressions,
so I don't see the need for a Beta.  I propose to leave RC1 out for two
weeks until Friday, Mar 5 (March 4th isn't good for me).  At that point we
cut a 3.3.2 release.

Packaging Changes:
  I propose that we no longer ship src/native with the src distro (unless it
is too hard to modify Larry's scripts, in which case we include a do-not-use
in the release notes).  I'd also like to include the commons-daemon
procrun/w and jsvc (source) with the release, similar to TC 5.  Also I'd
like to make the CoyoteConnector2 (possible renamed to CoyoteConnector :)
the default connector in server.xml.  We can add a note to use the old
Connectors for people that can't use Java2.

Code Changes:
1)  I'd like to add a blocking option to o.a.t.startup.Main (e.g. 'startb')
so that 3.3 can be used with procrun.  Also make sure that the
init/start/stop/destroy semantics are there for jsvc.
2)  Add fix for Bug #8643 (allow to specify alternate module.xml files)
3)  Port the requestURI encoding fixes for TC 4/5 (although, I believe that
this is on DecodeInterceptor, instead of the Connector).
4)  Update license to Apache-2.0 (non-negotiable, with a March release date

Several of the LATER bugs have been already fixed, so mark them as such.  Of
the remaining 18 open bugs, they will be marked as one of


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