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From Kurt Miller <>
Subject Re: JK2 release delayed one week ? WAS: POST recovery in JK and JK2 HEAD
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2004 00:54:44 GMT
From: "Henri Gomez" <>
> Did you see my request for release delay ?
> The POST patch is important, and I'd like to see it in jk2 2.0.4, I
> think I may delay the release for one week if others tomcat-dev
> I wan't to make the behaviour configurable, ie abort or/not if
> failed during sending the reply and if Tomcat get the request but
> send the reply, configuration should be at worker level since the
> admins/devels know about the remote side application level.
> Gleen, Jf, Mladen, Kurt, are you agree to delay the jk2 release for
> week, time for us to include these code in both jk and jk2 and make
> configurable ?
> Vote please


I'm ok with the delay but I don't have time this week to help.


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