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From "David Cassidy" <>
Subject Re: Multiple applications single signon.
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 14:36:51 GMT


Sounds like you are after Tomcats Single Signon system.
Best to ask on the user list for that as the developer list is
for people developing Tomcat, not developing applications
using Tomcat.


                      Michael Fernandes                                                  
                      <mochy@jrgassocia        To:
            >                 cc:                                    
                                               Subject:  Multiple applications single signon.
                      13/01/2004 14:13                                                   
                      Please respond to                                                  
                      Developers List"                                                   

I am having two aplications (Say: 1. AddressBook & 2. Balancer) having similar login requirements.
For example there is user named john who should have access to both the applications AddressBook
& Balancer.
As of now Tomcat is requesting for login for both the applications separately. Requirement
is: Once the user, john, is logged in (authenticated successfully) to one application, he
should be automatically authenticated to second application. He should not get login page

How do I implement it on tomcat? Any ideas, suggestions greately appreciated.


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