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From Robert Krüger <>
Subject Handling of JNDI ResourceLinks
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 09:58:06 GMT


currently it is not possible to use ResourceLinks to bind a 
UserTransaction in the java:comp context of a web application because 
the way it is implemented ResourceLinks are always bound in the 
java:comp/env context. I stumbled across this because I thought it would 
make sense to configure my transaction manager only in one place and 
have all my webapps access it via ResourceLinks instead of copying the 
configuration for each webapp, which did not work. The current behaviour 
is not documented and a little hard to understand. It is only a minor 
thing (therefore I'm not filing a bug) but I would be grateful if you 
could make that little change to make the behaviour a little more 
consistent. I have attached a patch that does this which you may use if 
you agree with the (rather simple) way I fixed it.

Thanks in advance and regards,


Robert Krüger
Signal7 GmbH
Brüder Knauss Str. 79
64285 Darmstadt

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